Sunshine Learning Center
Nature Focus

Everyone lends a hand during spring planting!

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Meet our Teachers!
Sunshine Learning Staff Member Ms. Faith
Ms. Faith, our Assistant Director

I have been at Sunshine Learning Center since February of 2004. I achieved my Teacher qualified status through classes at Chippewa Valley Technical College, and received my Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in New Richmond in 2014.

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Classroom Information
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Infants Toddlers Two Year Olds
Preschool Four year old Kindergarten School Age Care

The Red Room's Ladybugs

Your little one's day is filled with one-on-one interaction with teachers; singing, moving, talking and playing on each child's individual schedule. We help your child to safely explore the world around them through age appropriate physical, social and intellectual experiences. We practice basic sign language with the children to encourage early communication and through a comprehensive plan for learning we introduce the children to a variety of sensory, fine motor and large muscle activities each day.

The Green Room Toddling Turtles

The nurturing and one-on-one interactions that begins with the infants continue as your child's activity level and interest in a larger world increases. As your infant matures into a toddler we welcome them into group activities to prepare them for the active life of a two year old.

Two Year Olds
The Blue Room Honeybees

Our two year old room is filled with open ended activity choices that help them learn through discovery. They begin to figure out the world around them through play and structured, teacher-led activities. We strive to create a balance between nurturing and learning because we recognize that children of this age need hugs just as much as they need opportunities to learn.

The Purple Room's Blooming Butterflies

As the attention span and interest in group activities blossoms in your child, we welcome them into the butterfly group. Here we increase emphasis on self-help skills and help to develop the positive independence that grows within each child of this age while tempering it with respect for the people and property in their midst.

Four year old Kindergarten
The Yellow Room

4K embraces the natural process of learning; our teachers nurture and extend that natural process, helping the children to prepare to meet the upcoming demands of not just school, but life. We create an environment where children can see the interconnectedness of learning and not just isolated kindergarten readiness skills. The teachers strive to make all learning challenging, meaningful and relevant, as the children experience the enjoyment of discovery.

School Age Care
The Yellow Room Frolicking Frogs

During the school year, we offer both before and after school care, as well as non-school day, snow day and early release day options to help meet the needs of families. During these times the children are offered nutritious meals and snacks and choices of activities to challenge their minds.

We also offer an exciting summer school age program filled with fieldtrips, adventures and learning through games, cooking, experiments and projects for children ages five to nine.